Spirit of the West Festival Circa 2010

This was the official website for the Spirit of the West Festival held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Content is from the site's 2010 archived pages.

Check out the current website for the festival and get all the most up to date news at: http://spiritofthewestfest.com/

Phone: Bill or Jeanne Pattison at (605) 334-9202
Address: 1100 Southeastern Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57103-2376


A celebration of all things western from the 1800's to the present.

Visiting the Spirit of the West Festival will allow you to travel back in time, be entertained, and shop from one of the many vendors during our three day event. There's plenty to do for everyone, so please come and join us.

The goal of the Spirit of the West Festival is to keep the history and spirit of the cowboys and old west alive. Whether you're attracted by the history of the west, western collectibles, an exhibitor, or the lore of the cowboy, there's something for everyone at the Spirit of the West Festival.

Located at 6200 N. Kiwanis Ave in Sioux Falls, SD.


Notes from Life: Recently, I was reflecting on our years of attending the Spirit of the West Festivals. From their current location in Beach, North Dakota, to the memorable 2009 festival in Sioux Falls, SD, each visit has been unique. It was a letdown when the 2010 festival was canceled, but that hasn't deterred our enthusiasm. Our primary motivation for attending is to indulge in the soulful music and to explore the myriad of western collectibles on display.

Speaking of collectibles, we've just acquired a condo in a sleek, contemporary building in NYC. This will be our urban retreat, our pied-a-terre, for those times we feel like immersing ourselves in the city's hustle and bustle. My wife has decided to take a bold step in the interior decoration, leaning heavily towards avant-garde Italian contemporary furniture. At first, I was skeptical about how our cherished western collectibles and artwork would fit into this modern aesthetic. But she assured me that select pieces from our expansive western collection would find their rightful place in our new home.

Interestingly, during our last visit to the Spirit of the West Festival, aside from the usual collectibles, we chanced upon a stall selling some of the best pickleball bags I've ever seen. The craftsmanship was impeccable, and the designs subtly echoed the spirit of the west. We didn't expect to find pickleball gear there, but it was a pleasant surprise. My wife immediately saw the potential of merging our love for the sport with our appreciation for western aesthetics. We ended up buying one, and it's been a conversation starter in our NYC circles, bridging the gap between our western adventures and our metropolitan lifestyle.

As the year progresses, I'm eagerly awaiting our next trip out west. The next Spirit of the West Festival is marked on our calendar, and we wouldn't miss it for the world.


COWBOY MIKE entertaining the crowd.


Spirit of the West Festival 2009


General Admission September 17-19, 2010.

Gates open at 10 a.m. (subject to change)
Gates Close at 7 p.m.(subject to change)

Regular Pricing

• Adults $10.00
• Seniors $8.00
• Children (5-12) $0.00
• 3 day Pass $24.00

Special Pricing (Call for Advance Sale & Large Group Pricing)

• Seniors $7.00
• Children (5 - 12) $0.00


Arena Events & Trail Rides

7th Cavalry
Company D

Lowell Kruse
(605) 678-2445
Mick Nesseim
(605) 368-2922

Dakota Territory Cowboy Mounted Shooter

Contact Mike

The 4th Iowa Battery D III Corps
Contact First Sergeant David L Peterson
(712) 470-0410
Brian Bausch
(231) 740-3218
13th US Infantry
PO Box 90012
Sioux Falls, SD 57109-1012
Mardy Gulbranson
(605) 647-2830
Trail Ride
3:00 PM $20

9:30 AM $10

Bring your own Horse & Tack
2009 Winner Todd Goldammer




Sherwin & Pam Linton

The Cotton Kings


Peter Brown
Actor TV Series Lawman & Laredo


Robert Fuller Actor TV Series Wagon Train, Laramie & Emergency


>Willam Smith
Actor TV Series Laredo & Hawaii-Five-O

Movie: Any Which Way You Can


Ty Hardin Actor TV Series Bronco

Movies: Battle of the Bulge & PT109


James Stacy
Actor TV Series Adventuries of Ozzie & Harriet & Lancer


Ed Faulkner Actor Movies McLintock, Chisum, Undefeated & Green Berets






Ron Affolter

Amanda Swenson

Christi Swenson
(605) 397-4549

Clell Swanson

Cassandra Swanson
(605) 743-527


Ron & Jane Cote

(605) 351-9233

Swanson Cowboyography

Cassandra Swanson
(605) 743-5270


Adam Winrich

Garret Popek

Silver Creek Mavericks

Marshal Mike at buckskin@svtv.com


Cowboy Fast Draw Competition


Cowboy Mike

Mike Wooldridg


Char at

Old West Society of Minnesota


Trial of Jack McCall

Trail of Jack McCall


The Dover Brothers

Greg Hager

Richard and Donna Best

(330) 940-2354 or Cell (330) 475-6184

Gentlemen of Old Deadwood

Randy Christensen (605) 721-6543 or (605) 484-0338








In Sioux Falls, South Dakota Exit 83 on I-29 go east on 60th St. North to Kiwanis/Westport Ave and go north on Kiwanis Ave 1.5 miles go East .5 miles.